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Athlete Peak Performance Training

Sprinting technique

We give our professional athletes a high level of expectations to match the training levels we expect you to achieve. Our unparalleled high-performance training, including homework to increase range of movements and athletic speed. To meet these expectations we deliver:


    exercise techniques to maximize performance speed and help prevent injuries.


    proven coaching method used for all my clients across the broad spectrum of sports.


    that help builds tougher, faster, and stronger athletes.


Available for individual & buddy-buddy sessions. Look below for further details. 

The Benefits:

  • NASM - Sport science

  • Functional assessment

  • Gait Analysis

  • Private sprinting coaching sessions

  • Endurance training

  • Best Strength & Conditioning from Nottingham UK

Youth Fitness & Sprint Technique Training

sprinting coaching

Physical fitness development to young athletes is a rapidly expanding field of interest for strength and conditioning coaches, physical educators, sports coaches, and parents.


Youth development refers to the stages that all children go through to acquire the attitudes, competencies, values, and social skills they need to become successful competitors.


Our training programmes benefit to your child's requirements in an enjoyable environment. We shall create a strong foundation for building their fitness & speed learned from my years of strength and fitness coaching in Nottingham and with the GB athletes Juniors aged 8 to 18 yo.

Available for individuals & buddy-buddy sessions. Look below for further details

The Benefits:

  • GB coach experience

  • Balance & coordination

  • Speed & agility

  • Sprint training

  • Muscular strength

  • Muscular endurance

  • Power production

  • Fun environment

Buddy Buddy Running Coaching  

group running coaching

Our Buddy-Buddy training package allows you to train with a friend or colleague of your choosing. The benefits are far more rewarding than 1:1 personal training. It sets the tone of fellowship, friendship & support in a healthy, fun, competitive environment.


Buddy-Buddy shows a commitment and loyalty to train harder; better each others' technique; and goal-setting to further push the boundary of athletic speed.


Your work rate shall be higher to strengthen your will-power.  Motivate to improve your confidence to complete for the task at hand with a warm smile of satisfaction.


Very popular with clients and offer fantastic savings!!

The Benefits:

  • Competitive friends

  • Higher goals setting

  • Share experience

  • Fun environment

  • Motivational

  • Push each other

Online Sports Training and Online Running coaching

online running coach

Online Sports Training is a method of digital learning, also known as distance learning. Many top athletes benefit from their mobile phones placed on a tripod many miles away to establish consistency, continuity, and training development.


You don't have to go to the gym. We deliver the personal training to you by a simple video call through a popular app to your phone, tablet, or PC Once online. I shall give concise instructions for you to follow to improve good form and application to specific reps, sets, and tempo to build strength and speed.


A positive extension to Strength & Conditioning and very adaptable wherever you may be. At home, a friend's house, UK, Europe or the other side of the World. A winner!

Available for individuals & buddy-buddy sessions. Look above for further details.

The Benefits:

  • One-to-One training

  • Video screen share

  • Exercise demonstration

  • Distance coaching

  • Flexibility to train

  • Popular with clients

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