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We have put together the very best coaching plans with sports science at the forefront of sports fitness coaching and running coaching.

You tell us what you want to achieve and we shall implement a proven training programme to deliver a solution to the problem.

We shall broaden your horizon with sports science so you shall learn the best way to increase your Flexibility, Running speed, Youth Development or Sports fitness coaching, so that you may join the hundreds of athletes trained under my belt to success.

Trust me to give you the very best online coaching service ever. It's what I  do best with a warm smile on my face knowing I shall improve your fitness.


As soon as you have agreed to work with SprintingSpeed, we shall call you immediately to discuss your requirements. After than, we shall arrange to video call your Facebook/WhatsApp account to your PC, tablet, or mobile phone, for you to experience your soon to be the new online training environment.


1. Professional advice

2. Flexible working

3. Online communication

4. Motivational

5. More Affordable

6. Same Results

7. Worldwide Service

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Up to 20% Savings!


*** Work from home with Online Sports fitness coaching!***

Sports Athlete

  • To support potential athletes who wish to climb the ladder of success. To run faster, back from injury, fitness top-up, boost your confidence, received poor training or pre-season. Whatever your requirement, I shall get you there closer! A sprinter's training diary training packed with all the goodies you seek.


Youth Development

  • Our training programmes are all tailored to your child, and our sessions are always in an enjoyable environment. We shall create a strong foundation for them to build their fitness, agility, and speed. This shall boost their confidence, understanding, discipline with more successes and enjoyment. Wow, factor!


  • Alleviate all forms of stiffness with a comprehensive World-Class flexibility programme. It shall increase your range and movement patterns to enhance your functional movement in all planes of motion. Great for agility sports, for example- Football, Rugby, Netball, Tennis, Basketball, Judo. Awesome!

Musculoskeletal Screen

  • To prevent injury and to enhance performance. A musculoskeletal screen consists of a selection of movements to identify any muscular imbalances for SprintingSpeed to correct to improve your speed. A winner!