-Jamie Baker,Top British tennis player

Colin has helped a huge amounts through pages of rehab and my general fitness.

He helped me to maximize my power and overall trainings through very efficient breathing techniques.


Nicole Young

Positive and very productive time with Colin

My son received training from Colin at the Dan Mascall Tennis Centre, Loughborough University. My son was part of the High Performance tennis squad at the centre and received both squad and one to one training in tennis specific, strengthening and general fitness from Colin. My son still talks about Colin to this day, he had a wonderfully positive and very productive time working with him. I highly recommend him.
Service Category: Personal Trainer
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


Really inspiring day, full of fun and focus

Hi Colin,

Jack and I had a great day!

The session was hugely informative but delivered in a style that was the perfect blend of fun and focus! Thank you also for all of the follow up information, I will do my very best to make sure that Jack takes it forward and would certainly be interested in another session in the future.

Many thanks again for a really inspiring day


Elaine & Andrew

Give both practical and theoretical support which we find invaluable

Tell Over the past months Colin has worked on our son's strength, balance and flexibility, all of which have improved significantly.  Our son has now asked Colin to help him with his speed, as he feels that this is also an area that requires attention but already we can all see the benefits of his guidance in this area. Our son's confidence has also improved notably, as Colin is a great motivator and he is always looking for new ways to challenge and improve our son's mental strength.  Colin is also ready to give both practical and theoretical support which we find invaluable. We can genuinely see a marked improvement in our son under Colin's guidance and our son only wishes that he had started his training programme with him earlier!"

Jim Sinclair

Academy Manager of Glasgow Rangers FC (currently Sunderland AFC Academy Manager)

Colin has worked with our Academy players at all age ranges. His highly enthusiastic teaching style is one which young people warm to immediately. He is highly motivated and his passion for the sport and improving young athletes is highly infectious, and effective. His detailed insight into the subject matter is excellent and is clearly born out of many years of experience. He is a consummate, focused professional who applies himself diligently in his efforts to bring the best out of his students.

Teresa Jones

Its a breadth of coverage was very enlightening, very enjoyable, highly informative and instructive

It was great to meet you on Saturday and we thought that the time spent with you was very helpful. Looking back, I think all three of us arrived unsure of what the session would include and its breadth of coverage was very enlightening. You covered aspects of Rhodri's structural fitness and mechanics of action that he, in particular, was not aware of before and your methods of correcting will make a huge difference to his training schedule and especially his performance. Your comments on aspects of his attitude and habits were also very enlightening for us all. It was very pleasing to see him sitting at breakfast the following morning in the 'ham and egg' position to stretch his hamstrings and he progressed from that day onwards with a much greater focus on various aspects of his training and particularly the exercises and stretches that you had shown him that would allow his body to sprint more effectively.


One other aspect of our time with you that we were not expecting but which Trevor and I were particularly grateful for was your preference for us to stay and watch your session with Rhodri, and indeed for us to join in for some of the session. I think that has helped all of us with our fitnesss regimes and, as we have been able to discuss the whole session more fully together because of it, in the longer term it will help Rhodri to use your advice to the fullest.

Overall, the session with you was very enjoyable, highly informative and instructive and most of all, enabling! An excellent experience that was good for us all.

William Fleming

inspirational day......thoroughly enjoyed the experience......World Class facilities

Thanks for such an inspirational day yesterday, both Ursula and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially being in such world class facilities. Ursula will hopefully achieve the goals that she has set herself after yesterdays coaching and with the emails that you've sent to help her along. I think she'll particularly benefit in reaching new heights in her high jump based on the technique you introduced to her yesterday. I would also like to think that her sprinting will be much more efficient and she'll be up there with the best soon!
We look forward to seeing the YouTube footage and I would like to book a session for rest of the family sometime.


Colin has such an inate ability to read body movements and make quick - and right assessments

“I first met Colin when he started providing fitness training for my son at MyTennis, Loughborough 3 years ago. My son loves Colin's style, love's his personality, he always comments on the fun things they do and games they play to get fit. He has helped my son stay focused when he was injured. He motivates and inspires my son to be the best that he can be. Colin has such an inate ability to read body movements and make quick - and right - assessments that reflect in practical improvements. Colin has my son's respect and my respect as a top quality coach.”

Stuart Marriott

Deliver his coaching in a manner that is light hearted and encouraging

"Colin started work with the Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Union in 2012; the L&RGU want to become a consistently high achieving team in regional and national competitions and increased fitness and flexibility is one aspect that has been identified to improve performance.
The work Colin has done with the golf union has been first class - his techniques encourage active participation from the squad and he sessions are fun to undertake, as well as challenging! They are benefiting all members of the L&RGU squad by encouraging them to understand more about the importance of fitness and flexibility and how it will make them better golfers.
Colin has a superb knowledge of his subject - he is able to vary his approaches to ensure that all participants benefit from his coaching whilst enabling everyone to develop an exercise routine that maximises their time.
Colin is able to deliver his coaching in a manner that is light hearted and encouraging but is able to get his message across clearly and concisely. His work will undoubtedly lead to improved results for the L&RGU in 2013."

Martin Weston

GB LTA Mens Tennis Manager - extremely good Strength & Conditioning Coach

“I had the enormous pleasure of working with Colin during our time at the Lawn Tennis Association’s International High Performance Centre based at Loughborough University. Firstly, Colin is an incredible motivator – he brings that to every session, every day. Secondly, he knows what makes athletes tick & has the communication skills to draw the best out of them. And finally, like all good coaches he has a thirst for knowledge & self-development. I would class Colin as an extremely good Strength & Conditioning Coach & I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”

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