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SprintingSpeed helps potential runners become sprinters from India to Derby.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

The regular online support proves we can coach Indian born Naganba over 5000 miles away with positive results.

His technique is getting there but is slightly over striding and lacks the necessary leg drive to maximise the propulsion to lengthen his stride length, which we are currently working on.

The second part of the video is 14 years old Derby boy Logan, who is keen to climb the ranks to professional football status.

Since coming on board, his athletic speed has undoubtedly improved over a short period of time with speed technique training.

Sprintingspeed had to break down his current run gait into smaller components for me to analyse, correct and then join back up. A slight adjustment had to be made to his breath mechanics for better synchronisation with his core muscles to enable quicker activation for better acceleration. Next, we infused bodyweight transfer for more directional force, increased muscle extensibility for more range of movement and finally, made his mindset stronger to achieve a higher standard of work ethics. Now the football clubs seem to be taking a keen interest in his young lad's pulsating pace of speed.......... he is rapid!

His parents are thrilled with his speed development, and so am I. Logan needs consistency to get the best from himself .....and he shall, or I shall work him harder. A great student!

The next stage is to develop his power on top of his running speed. Watch this space for more action.

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