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Push your dream to and beyond your Sporting Goals

As an athlete peak performance coach, every sportsman and woman want to fulfil their dreams and aspirations with their chosen sport. Nevertheless, your decision is down to you to make the right choice to develop your sporting career. And what better way to make amends to your current technique, to one of athletic speed and of acceleration. I am here for you to give what you truly want!

How do you decide to change your sporting career and know it’s truly right for you?

It is a simple question to answer. Score yourself for each of the seven disciplines listed below between 1 and 10. (ten is excellent)

  • Agility

  • Athletic speed

  • Acceleration

  • Flexibility

  • Fitness

  • Run technique

  • Sports Science training

If you scored any of the disciplines eight points and below, it might be time to develop these skills further. Do not hold back your true potential another moment. Contact me to discuss your goals, aims and dreams and allow me to take full responsibility to mentor and motivate you to your sprinting goals. I am here to help you.

As a former international coach at two sports, I am proud to have managed hundreds of athletes with average sprinting experience to goals beyond their expectation. I shall provide you with sprint gait analysis, sprint drills training and improved agility to change direction.

Making your own choices about the things you do is very important to me because it gives your life meaning changes to the sport you love most.

Best wishes


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