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Two for the Price of one great technique

Updated: May 8, 2020

December 2012

​Father James brought his football enthusiast twins sons Jake & Josh to me over the weekend for a private athletics training.

Both play football for Lincoln Junior FC with Josh transferred recently to Nottingham Forest FC Academy with Jake to follow shortly.

These two bright young level-headed lads aged 11, had plenty of zest and passion and wanted to improve their running speed to develop their football career further. Their father admitted to me they ran quick but wanted to see if I could add a little bit more juice to their natural speed.

Always up for a challenge, I enjoyed Youth Development Training and begun to use my X-ray eyes to assess their posture, jog gait analysis, balance and core strength before I applied speed training exercises.

I had to strip their running right back to walk mechanics before I could allow each phase to flow onto Jogging, then strides, pace and eventually sprint phase to close all gaps that had existed.

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