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Major changes for Speed

Many of my clients have asked me what are my top three major fixes to improve one's athletic speed?

The three major changes implemented are as followed:

1. Arm Swings

The arms weigh approximately 15% of the body. If swung correctly with great technique, they shall act as pistons though the body engine (core) onto the CV joints (legs) to the wheels (footwear).

2. Breath Mechanics

Decondition sufferers (asthma, panic attack, shock) are informed by NHS to apply control breathing to improve the situation.

Modern days vehicles computerise the fuel injection systems to feed the correct amount of fuel and air into the engine for efficiency.

Athletes must learn to inhale and exhale correctly fo

r efficiency, power or speed. Too much or too little inhalation shall affect performance.

3. Core Muscles activation

Take away your head, arms and legs from the body and what remains are 29 sets of muscles that control the torso of the body or the car engine. Switch the engine on and it can purr like a baby, but if it is not activated correctly shall produce a slower response, acceleration, knee lift, leg drive, propulsion and speed.

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