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High Jump success brings fond memories

I found my beloved high jump photo of me clearing 2.00m at my cousin's house after an absence of over ten years.

Flexibility was essential for me to bend my back over the bar as best possible to make up for my standing height of only 1.71cm.

Thankfully after many years of hard work, dedication as a self-taught high jumper contributed to many past successes.

  • Represented Great Britain

  • Personal Best 2.14m/7ft

  • UK best-ranking 4th

  • Jumped 43cm over head height to bar height

  • Head height to bar height British record for 18 months

  • Third-best differential head to bar height in the World at the time

  • Ranked in UK top ten for seven years

  • 104th on UK All Time List

  • 109cm standing jump

My knowledge and experience gained through years of training to peak performance have translated into SprintingSpeed fitness, run technique and speed training.

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