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Football Client Rise from Grassroot to International Stardom

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Levis Pitan was spotted by Sheffield United & FAW Professional Football Recruiter, Mick Elliott MBE MSM, from park football in the East Midlands to a sign scholar and pro for Sheffield United.

I had the pleasure to have provided Levis with pre-season training during eased lockdown to prepare him for the World of Professional Football. A combination of sports science core strength and resistance training built his body foundation from the inside out, to the desired level of fitness to prepare him for the next level of strength training. A couple of days of sprint technique, speed work and athletic acceleration gave him a serious edge to his game.

Levis has been called up by Poland u17s to play in Spain in February 22 against England and Norway! Well done Levis Pitan from grassroots football to International football in 1 year.

SprintingSpeed shall physically and mentally care for Levis on his return from Poland.

Good luck for the future!

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