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Be on top of your game with the top-notch running coach

Elite running coach Colin Harris, the Former GB International Athlete, has a wealth of experience competing and training with professional athletes and sportspeople. We provide the #1 running coaching service to help individuals and teams improve their run technique to better their athletic speed.

Give yourself the speed you always wanted

We produce athletes for men, women and children at grassroots, youth and elite at their chosen sport.

  • Athletics

  • Cricket

  • Football

  • Hockey

  • Netball

  • Rugby

  • Tennis

  • plus other sports

With our years of experience and successful track record, a professional running coach shall help with the following:

  • Increase range of movement for more athletic speed

  • Correct your current run technique and sprinting speed

  • Discuss short or long term fitness development 

  • Mentor your confidence, belief, well-being and work ethics

  • Apply sports science knowledge

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Nottingham Elite Running Coach-Colin Harris


ATHLETICS - Sprint Technique & Speed
Elizabeth Edden - GB Pole Vault 

Evan Blackman - 200m England Schoolboy


BADMINTON - Reaction speed

England team - S&C for 4 years

CRICKET - Increase speed run-up

Nathan Buck - Northamptonshire



George Cox - World Cup points

FIELD HOCKEY - Speed & agility

Alice Rolfe - England U23

Two clients - Welsh National team

FOOTBALL - Speed & accelaration

Alex Cover - Derby County FC

Admiral Muskwe - Leicester City FC

Charlie Wakefield - Chesterfield FC
Oliver Burke - Sheffield United FC

                  - Celtic Rangers FC

               - Deportivo Alavés FC

                -  West Bromich FC

                      - RP Leipzig FC

              - Nottingham Forst FC
Jack Blake     - Real Monarchs FC

                     - San Diago FC

LACROSSE - Fitness & Athletic Speed

Belgium Womens U19 National Team

present till 2023 European Champs

RUGBY UNION - Speed agility

Alex Hearle - Worchester Warriors

Josh Poullet - Nottingham Rugby

England Students S&C coach 2013-15


SKI - Speed Endurance & Fitness
Rory Dixon - GB Gold medalist

BODY SURF - Balance & strength

International athlete


TOUCH RUGBY - Accelaration

Sadi Meakin - England World Cup



Jamie Baker - Former Davis Cup Capt.

ULTIMATE FRISBEE - Athletic speed

2012 Senior Men's World Champs

Silver medalist


Nottingham's elite running coach Colin Harris has been recognised as one of the top running coaches in the UK and an expert on sprinting speed. With over 35 years of experience, Colin has competed, coached, and trained up to a high level of performance. In addition, Colin has developed proven solutions with enhanced sports performance.



I overheard a TV commentator state during the England v Germany match that Michael Owen was the fastest footballer in England. As an athlete myself, I was intrigued by this and assessed his sprinting form to find his reasonable efforts would have benefited further with proper sprint mechanics to run faster. So, without further ado, I took it upon myself to research all levels of football players' abilities for 14 months and soon realised that I could make a difference to improve their speed.


I created my business FAST4Sport in 2007 to help passionate sportsmen, women, boys, and girls to bring their aims and dreams closer to reality by improving their run technique, acceleration, agility, and speed. I changed the company name to SprintingSpeed in 2015 to reflect people's need for speed.


  • Former GB International Bobsledder

  • Former GB International 2.14m High Jumper

  • Coached over 100 International athletes

  • GB Junior Tennis S&C coach

  • Loughborough Uni Athletic Jump's coach

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Meets clients' objectives to run faster

About you

We stand out above others because we listen to what the client wants. We gather all the facts for you, evaluate your current ability, assess your strengths and weakness, break down the components, correct and join the back up again into your new running style.

Your new-found confidence, knowledge, technique and pace shall come together and bring a warm reassuring smile on your face with your new-found speed.


This is a life-changing experience for your chosen sport, if you want it to be.










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