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Sprinting Speed with Colin Harris, Former GB International Athlete, uses decades of experience with professional athletes and sportspeople to help individuals and teams to improve on their technique for getting faster and avoiding injury.

Bespoke training programmes

From professional, amateur and aspiring young sportspeople, we will set up a tailor-made training programme and help you along the journey. We have standard training packages to download or can set up a bespoke training/coaching programme specific to your chosen sport. We can carry out both on-site training and virtual training courses using the latest video technology.

Be on top of your game


We help professional and young sportspeople get on top of their chosen sport, Athletics, Football, Rugby, Track & Field Events, Equestrian, Judo & Martial Arts, Golf, Bobsleigh and Winter Sports...to name just a few of the sports we currently are involved in. Your sport not listed here? Then get in touch to find out.


With our years of experience and successful track record, a Sprinting Coach will help;


  • Take full responsibility for your development

  • Assess your current running or sprinting ability

  • Correct any weakness to improve your potential

  • Provide physical improvements immediately

  • Improve your confidence, belief and speed

  • Provide sports science knowledge

Get the Inside Track! 

Start your journey to GETTING FASTER

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