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SAQ Sports Performance Workshops

Our Workshop:

Our Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ) Sports Performance Workshops brings you researched sports science by the National Academy of Sports Medicine amalgamated with over thirty years of coaching sporting experience with effective high-performance training process to all members of staff, parents and athletes.


Primary Objective:

To motivate and educate the student to achieve their potential in any area or areas of SAQ that requires improvement within their chosen sport for training and competition.


Secondary Objective:

Deliver an overview of sports science rationale to identify everyday technique shortfalls of sports performance training and to apply corrective exercises to develop specific skill sets to enhance athletes’ application and range of movement quickly.


Course Duration: 2 of 3 hours of physical demonstration and participation.


Suitability: For staff, parents and athletes between 20 and 40 people.


Location: At an indoor or outdoor venue of your choice.


Rate: Call 078-5559-4145 or email to discuss group bookings.


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Course Content


Introduction (20 minutes)

Formal greeting.

Discuss mental strength & focus

Environmental posture

Technical Tactical crossover


Concept of Flexibility (20 minutes)

A variety of stretching techniques including static, neuromuscular, self-myofascial, active and dynamic, designed to improve performance and decrease the risk of injury. 


Mechanics of Breathing (10 minutes)

The correct way to breath during exercise to improve the efficiency and consistency of sports performance.


Gait Analysis (10 minutes)

Walk and jog assessment and its relevances to speed.


Speed: Sprint drills (20 minutes)

Break up the components of the body into smaller segments actions to correct muscular imbalances before we join them back up again.


Agility: Change direction (30 minutes)

A wide selection of exercises to challenge contact force for ground reaction


Quick: Bodyweight transfer (15 mins)

Maximise directional force to provide ballistic movements


Kinetic Chain Exercises (20 minutes)

A selection of exercises that creates a chain of events to increase the movement and motion of neighbouring joints and segments.


Various Drills (40 minutes)

Demonstrate each of the subjects below.


Interval Training