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Athletics Training Programs

SprintingSpeed   recognises that not everyone is able to meet with me for a 1:1 private training as they would like. Therefore, what better way to improve your speed than for me to create this golden opportunity by sharing my athletic training programs with you for a small fee?

There are three training phases:

  • Leg Strength Training: The foundation of running that involves repetitive slow long runs between 150m and 800m with long rests.

  • Interval Training: A type of training that involves a series of low- to high-intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods.

  • Speed Training: Defined as the ability to move the body in one direction as fast as possible.

Each phase consists of 3 months of athletics training programs, which include 36 training sessions with instructions. These specialised structured performance training programs will provide all the necessary tools for you to start immediately.

They were the backbone to my international sports career, and I continue to use them with all my clients to this very day.

Designed to give you the very best levels of training, the programs are suitable for beginners, intermediates and high performers!


3 Months



Objective: This is the first phase of training.

This 13 weeks ultra training plan shall strengthen the lower legs to add the running foundations and to prepare the body for the next level of training. Suitable for all levels & abilities. Enter the World of an athlete and never look back.


3 Months



Objective: This is the second phase of training and consists of over 38 intense training session!

We add the Interval training which are the bricks to the foundation. Increases your cardiovascular & aid quick recovery. Also suitable for middle-distance runners. Very challenging but rewarding.



3 Months



Objective: This final phase will provide 13 weeks of sheer speed training.

We add Speed training to complete the transition to provide the power of the house. Great technique is required to maximise your true potential. Very fast and dynamic training puts you ahead of others.