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Learning how to coach an athlete through strength and conditioning training is far more complicated than training general population clientele and, arguably, more fulfilling. There are many more factors, modalities, thinking, and planning strategies involved with coaching an athlete of any magnitude – young, adult, novice, or elite.

When coaching and programming for athletes, SprintingSpeed must place a considerable emphasis on what the athlete specifically need to excel with their sport.

Colin is qualified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, understands evolving mechanisms in each athletic energy system, paves the way for inducing optimal training interactions and increasing athletic performance from the first practical training session for the client to achieve a positive solution result.

SprintingSpeed breaks these phases up into subphases that emphasise corrective exercise to address poor technique; stabilisation endurance to increase cardiovascular; strength endurance, hypertrophy, and maximal strength to improve fitness; power focusing on high force and high velocity with complex training regime, followed by maximal power to train for elite athlete adaptations.

We put our passion centre stage of our business for a recipe of happiness and fulfilment. It is a necessary ingredient for engagement and eventual success. Whatever it takes to achieve your goals and make you feel good about for the inherent pleasure it gives you.

Our testimonials proves we care, we give our best and we improve you. Allow your dreams to become more of a reality in your sport.

Call us today for a friendly chat.

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